Deanna Brown

A two way radio is not a new technology. They have been around since World War II. Unlike the units that most people keep in their homes, these units are capable of sending and receiving missions. If someone needs a more technical method of explaining this, the terms are transceiver and receiver, but most people only need to know that this includes CB radios, walkies, and the amateur radios many people keep in their basements. These particular items are useful in emergency situations, for rescue personnel and for many retail establishments.

Extra information about two way radio

Do I Need Special Licenses for This?

Most radios do not require a person to get a special license for the government. Most agencies require these devices to accept any interference that comes there way. As long as they only broadcast over a short distance, the user does not need to go through a special case. As ham radio operators know, they may be able to broadcast over the entire world. They are also assigned their own frequency. Because they are assigned their own frequency, they do need to obtain a special license.

Doesn't This Mean Something Different?

Technically, when a person uses the phrase two way radio, they are referring to a device that is known as a walkie talkie in some places. These devices usually have a much smaller communication range than even the CB radios. They are slightly large than the mobile phone's carried by most people. Unlike the mobile phones, they do not usually run Android, Blackberry or the iOS. They are designed to just let people talk to each other.

How Do I Use Them?

When someone asks how these devices should be used, he is not asking about how to press these buttons. He more likely wants to know how to implement these devices in his particular establishment. The retail establishments have figured out how to use this to communicate with each other without using a public address system. Instead of having someone call out for an employee over the loudspeaker, they simply use the walkie talkie to call the employee that they want. It lets other people shop and other employees can go about their business.

Rescue agencies, militaries and other organizations figured this out a long time ago. These devices are used when people need to communicate quickly over distances that are longer than a person can speak, but distances that are not incredibly long.

When someone realizes that the benefits of this class of product are easy to see, they may need to make sure that they can get enough units at a reasonable prices. A number of electronic stores are ready to supply it. Some of them are found online and others still have a brick and mortar location. The brick and mortar locations generally have them in stock, but the online locations do not have as much overhead. When someone goes to make a purchase, he will know which type of establishment he prefers to use.